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Website: Description:
1. Network to Oppose War and Racism
2. Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade(COAT)
3. Excellent resource for canadian activist events
4. Independant news source
5. Adbusters Magazine, theme: political/independent news
6. Iraqi peace activist resource
7. Activism resources
8. Ontario's independent news
9. Raging Grannies home page - Ottawa
10. TAO Opposes the WAR! Great resource
11. Socialists opposing war
12. Gerald and maas - antiwar art and writing
13. Research & facts about biological weapons & biotechnology in use around the world
14. Green Peace homepage
15. Michael Moore, Author/Director/Activist
16. TRANSCEND approach to peace-making
17. The Radical Environmental Journal
18. Canadian Arab Federation
19. Exposes Paul Martin's track record
20. Tommy Douglas Research Institute
21. The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty

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