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GPC "Project E-zine"

-September 9, 2003

Hello everyone,
I will be initiating a Global Peace Coalition E-zine project over the next year, and am in need of contributing writers. If you have an article or essay of political nature that you have written, or will be writing in the future and would like to see it published, please send it to I would love to expose up and coming professional writers, as well as first timers. The GPC E-zine will be sent mostly to post-secondary student across Ottawa, with the potential to go provincial, or national. Topics could be, but are not limited to the following: Peace, war, conflict resolution, racism, the environment, foreign policy, and Canadian politics in general.

What's an E-zine:

Well it's a "magaZINE" that's sent out via "Email," thus EZINE. Kinda like a newsletter, but "etter" didn't make any sense and "email" was already taken. So we were left with "ezine." Actually we didn't come up with that. It's used all over the web.

If you would like to contribute, please don't hesitate to contact us..

James Robinson
GPC Project coordinator